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- mCateer's restaurant

In 1958, J. Marshall and Rosemary McAteer opened McAteer’s Restaurant as a cafeteria to be filled with both college students and community members. The store served food on one side and school supplies on the other. Open from 6 am to 10 pm, the restaurant was specifically for the campus, but also the community. The McAteers had eight children, each of which worked in the restaurant growing up with their own shift. In the 1970s, the restaurant’s dinner model changed to breakfast & lunch and in 1982, Tim McAteer took the business over from his parents.

Tim McAteer serving a plate of bacon.

McAteer’s Restaurant specializes in breakfast & lunch and is famous for its omelets of any kind, reubens, and club sandwiches. The business tries to keep its food products as close to home as possible, obtaining most of its meat and produce from the Fairmont and Clarksburg areas.

When asked about the relationship with their customers, McAteer exclaimed “It’s wonderful. We know their birthdays and everything that’s going on.” He stated that they have frequent, loyal customers who will often bring the employees gifts as a token of their gratitude. This all is a product of the service that McAteer and his staff provides to the community. “Our service is wonderful. We try to be as personable as we can and care about the community and people that we work with.”

Irish Decorations at McAteer's
Diner bar at McAteer's.

“A majority of our customers come from the college, hospital, clinic, and the community,” says McAteer. When asked about what he enjoys about being located in Fairmont, specifically the Locust Ave area, Tim spoke upon their strong relationship with Fairmont State University. “I like being close to the college. We go to their games to support, and they support us.” One would be hard tasked to walk into McAteer’s Restaurant at any time of work hours and not see a Fairmont State University faculty member, student, or athlete. The same sentiment goes for the hospital (FRMC) and the clinic (MVA) as well. You can find community photos, portraits, and memorabilia clad across the walls of the diner that has accumulated through the years of its existence. Some of the most prominent pieces of memorabilia include a large maroon “FAIRMONT” flag and a portrait of former US President John F. Kennedy on Adams Street.


Moving into the new decade, McAteer would like to potentially expand the size of his dining area and kitchen. “When things get busy here, they are BUSY,” he says. This month, things are expected to be especially busy.

On March 17th, starting at 10 am, McAteer’s will be serving it’s St. Patrick’s Irish Meal, something that the business does annually. “We started the tradition back in the 80s and started making corned beef and cabbage, which is an Irish tradition, and it just blossomed into a big celebration. Our family always had a St. Patty’s Day party and I thought why not do it here?” This year’s meal includes corned beef & cabbage, potato, and roll being served until they run out.


“We’ve been here since 58 and we’d like to stay here and keep the tradition. I really do enjoy the people here and I enjoy the community. I like what I do,” says McAteer.

McAteer’s Restaurant is the City of Fairmont’s Local Business of the Month for the month of March and will be highlighted throughout. We encourage all citizens to check out McAteer’s this month and throughout the year. They can be found at 1316 Locust Avenue and are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3 pm and Saturday through Sunday from 8 am to 1 pm.

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