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Feasibility Report

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As a part of a 2018 EPA Community-Wide Assessment Grant, the City of Fairmont hired Downstream Strategies to create a Site Reuse Plan for two historic brownfield properties, the Monroe Street Fire House and the old YMCA Building.

Viable downtown redevelopment options for Fairmont, West Virginia


Fairmont, West Virginia, boasts a downtown rich in historic assets. The Fairmont Downtown Historic District alone is home to 97 contributing historic structures. Among these, two have long stood out within the community as prime for redevelopment: the former YMCA building on Fairmont Avenue and the former Fairmont Firehouse on Monroe Street.


These buildings, which once stood as valuable community assets and a source of local pride, have fallen into disrepair and are now viewed as liabilities. However, with a renaissance afoot in Fairmont, it appears the time is right to restore these buildings’ prominence in downtown.


As part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Community-wide Assessment Grant for Brownfields, the City of Fairmont and other stakeholders are exploring potential next uses for these historic structures. As a product of that assessment, this report explores viable redevelopment options for downtown focusing on these two historic buildings and outlines the market feasibility for the following end uses:


• market-rate housing,

• office and coworking space,

• a restaurant and/or bar, and

• other creative reuse options.


As detailed in this report, opportunities for these end uses abound. Each of the proposed end uses are feasible and compatible uses for downtown Fairmont based on existing and projected market demand. While multiple configurations of these uses would work for the YMCA and the Firehouse, the authors of this study identified the following allocation as a feasible mix for these two buildings:


• One and one-third floor for coworking and event space

• Two and two-thirds floors for market-rate housing



• One floor for a restaurant-brewery

• Two floors for market-rate housing

• Potential basement space for onsite brewing and/or utilization by local nonprofits


While this study focuses specifically on the redevelopment prospects of the YMCA and former Fairmont Firehouse buildings, many of its findings and recommendations may be applied generally to the greater downtown Fairmont area. As a result, this document is intended to offer insight for City administrators, developers, and other stakeholders in capitalizing on the existing opportunities in the Friendly City (Downstream Strategies, 2019).

You can find the study in it's entirety here or by clicking the cover page above.

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