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On January 15th, 2017, a fire broke out in the basement of Perennial Floral at it’s location of 221 Fairmont Avenue. Authorities weren’t able to discover the cause, but decided that it was most likely an electrical issue. Because of the damages caused by the fire, owner of the business, Robin Wood, was forced to temporarily move to a new location if she wanted to continue her business. Perennial Floral continued operations shortly after the incident at 1320 Locust Avenue.

Perennial Floral Storefront

As of late, the business has decided to stay at the Locust Avenue location for good. “Locust Ave is a great space because it’s all open,” says Wood. “This location works a lot better because we are able to work right in front of the customers, it’s easy in, easy out, and the entrance is level.” The previous location on Fairmont Ave required customers to use stairs at the entrance and had many different rooms on the inside. The new permanent location for the business is situated within the heart of Locust Avenue, sitting next to McAteers and across the street from both Fairmont Regional Medical Center and Fairmont State University.

Perennial Floral is a full-service Florist operation that specializes in fresh floral bouquets, everyday bouquets, weddings, funerals, and other events. Wood would like to express that Perennial offers more than your everyday florist, though. “We also have specialty wines, like higher end wines that we do gift boxes for and put the fresh flowers in with the wine. We also have plants. Lots of unusual or any type of plants that someone is looking for, we can order it in.” The business offers artificial flowers, wreaths, and home décor as well.

Pink Daisies
Interior of Perennial Floral

Moving into the new decade, Wood would like to keep participating in weddings. “I love doing weddings and I do a lot of them. I would really like to keep doing them.” The folks at Perennial Floral have been consistently busy with weddings for the last 2 years. They will travel for your wedding if needed and have gone as far as Charleston, South Carolina.

When Robin Wood opened Perennial Floral, she knew that in order to stand out and be successful, she would have to be unique in service. “I try to keep up on the trends and what is popular,” she says. Wood is constantly learning and researching new roses and new varieties of flowers. She is also trying to give back to the community by supporting local growers. “I’ve been trying to provide local blooms for events and brides. I know some people who are just getting started (as growers) in West Virginia and I’ve been telling them to plant this, plant that, I’ll need this, I’ll need these colors.” She stated that the concept is similar to Farm to Table, but instead it’s Farm to Florist. Along with the locally sourced blooms, the flowers you’ll find at Perennial come from all over. Their wholesalers are mostly in Pittsburgh, yet some are in Florida, and some are in California.


“Every time I open a case of flowers, I’m ALWAYS excited to see what’s inside,” Wood exclaims. One of the most admirable aspects of the business is the love and dedication that goes into the day to day operations. “There isn’t an aspect of what I’m doing that I don’t genuinely enjoy,” says Wood. She claims that in her early days of working in various flower shops, she would hear moans and groans when it came to processing of the flowers. In contrast, Wood appreciates the hard work and labor that goes into every piece of the process. “Honestly, if you’re in this industry, it’s hard work,” she says.

Perennial Floral is the City of Fairmont’s Local Business of the Month for the month of February and will be highlighted throughout. We encourage all citizens to check out Perennial Floral this month and throughout the year. They can be found at 1320 Locust Avenue and are open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.

Robin Wood arranging a bouquet of flowers
Robin Wood arranging a bouquet of flowers
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